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Weather in the former USSR

Russia (West) Kazakhstan Lithuania Tajikistan
Russia (East) Kyrgyzstan Estonia Turkmenistan
Belarus Moldova Armenia Uzbekistan
Ukraine Latvia Azerbaijan Georgia

Live Radio from Around the World

List of Radio Stations 1

List of Radio Stations 2

List of Radio Stations 3

List of Radio Stations 4

Russkoye Radio (Moscow)

Silver Rain Radio (Moscow)

103.7 FM - Maximum (Moscow)

101.2 FM, 1233 AM (Moscow)

91.0 FM (Moscow)


103.2 FM (Perm)


104.8 FM (St. Petersburg)

107.8 FM (St. Petersburg)


104.3 FM - Maximum (Samara)

        Radio August (Tolyatti)


Russian Boston Radio (Boston)


Radio Free Europe


Looking for a Russian Search Engine?


Russia on the Net




Weblist RU

There is about a dozen of search engines at Teneta

List of Area Codes

Here is the list of area codes in the former Soviet republics. You will find over 1300 cities and towns, the size of this file is about 500 Kb.



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